Busy Bees is a full service child care centre and our fees include the supply of nappies, premium quality food and access to StoryPark.  Click here for a sample menu

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Weekly fees are determined by family income, number of children in the family using child care services and the amount of child care used each week. The Family Assistance Office uses this information to allocate the family with a Child Care Benefit percentage. All families are encouraged to contact the Family Assistance Office for more information. The nearest office is located at Noosa Civic and can be contacted on 131 650. Families are also eligible to claim the Child Care Rebate which can reduce weekly out of pocket fees by 50%. This payment can be paid directly to the centre to reduce your weekly fees are claimed by the family at the end of each term.

If you would like more information on our current fees, please contact Fiona our Centre Director.

Child Care Benefit (CCB)

Parents may be eligible to receive a subsidy from the Department of Human Services (also known as Centrelink or the Family Assistance Office) in the form of Childcare Benefit (CCB). This subsidy can be taken in two ways:
1. Through reduction of fees by the parent’s CCB entitlement by Busy Bees, or

2. Parents may choose to pay full fees throughout the year and claim their entitlements in the form of a lump sum from the Department of Human Services at the end of the financial year.

Child Care Rebate

Additionally, the Child Care Tax Rebate helps families with the cost of child care. The Child Care Tax Rebate covers 50 per cent of out-of-pocket child care expenses, after CCB’s, for approved child care, with a rebate of up to $7,500 (indexed) per child per year, for eligible families. You must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible for the Child Care Tax Rebate. You must have:
· used approved child care during the year
· been assessed as eligible for Child Care Benefit
· Worked or had work related commitments at some time during the period.
If you have been assessed as eligible for Child Care Benefit, but you receive a zero rate entitlement due to income, you are still eligible for the Child Care Tax Rebate. You now have the option of having your Child Care Rebate paid either directly to the centre or paid directly to you.
The Department of Human Services can be contacted on 136150 for further information.


All absences must be paid for. Childcare Benefit continues to be paid for 42 absent days per year for any reason including illness and holidays.

Holidays and Public Holidays

Normal fees apply when the child does not attend due to holidays or public holidays. Please give one week’s advance notice to the Centre before taking holidays. Childcare Benefit still applies to holiday and public holiday fees as long as the allowable 42 days per year has not already been used.