Our Philosophy

At Busy Bees, we understand children are active participants in their own learning, and that best learning outcomes for children are more achievable if a collaborative relationship is developed between children, families, educators and the community. We believe that all children are intrinsically motivated to learn.

Our aim is to provide a safe, warm and stimulating environment. We recognise that each child is unique, and that they will grow and develop at their own pace whilst being supported and influenced by all educators involved in their care. We support play-based learning that offers diverse opportunities to explore, discover and create guided by the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia 2009.

We encourage children to develop a strong sense of self, to recognise their own self-worth and to create their own identity that will support them on their learning journey now and into their later years.

We recognise the importance of encouraging children to make environmentally Conscious decisions from an early age. Emphasis is placed on the importance of reduce, reuse and recycle through quality hands on activities.

We believe in the right of all families to use our centre, including families with additional needs, people from non-English speaking backgrounds and Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each family and recognise the significance of their culture. We aim to provide opportunities for all families to share their individual culture needs and beliefs within the program.

Busy Bees Child Care Centre values and actively encourages a collaborative approach to professional development. Through in service training, liaising with registered training authorities, networking with local community support services and schools, educators will continue to develop and expand their knowledge.

We strongly believe that a working knowledge of how children grow and develop is essential for all educators who engage children in their learning. Educators’ Qualifications, ideas, beliefs, experience and reflective practices are critical to positive experiences and best outcomes for young children.

Our goal is to function as an extended family, providing your child with the security, warmth and love, which are basic to his/her development and growth. We believe parents are the primary nurturers and recognise their unique influence in a child’s life and provide opportunities for all to contribute to the program through suggestions, participation, feedback and advice.”

The wonderful Busy Bees team looks forward to sharing this journey with you!!!