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Top-Ranked Childcare Providers

Our Staff

All members of our wonderful team are highly skilled, fully qualified and extremely motivated to offer you and your child the best care and education available.

Busy Bee Childcare providers are enthusiastic, committed to early education and constantly updating their skills and knowledge through interaction with other professionals, in-service training and study.

Our staff understand and value the importance of parents within the centre environment. We strongly encourage parents to become involved with your child’s early education and enrich the learning of all children at the centre. Working together we provide your child with a safe, secure, loving and educational environment in which to grow and learn.

The Wonderful Busy Bees Team:

Centre Director

Wallabies Room (Kindy Program)

Kindergarten Teacher

Lead Educator

Assistant Educator

Assistant Educator

Possums Room

Lead Educator

Assistant Educator

Our Casual Staff

Assistant Educator

Our Educators

All Busy Bee staff love getting to know children and their families. 

We aim to inspire children to develop a lifelong love of learning, a strong connection to the natural environment and their community, confident communication skills and joy in social interactions and friendships. 

Our educators are strong advocates for the rights of young children to be safe, nurtured and respected and to learn through play.