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Our Programs

Groups & Staffing

We have two groups of children:

  • The Wallabies Kindy (3yrs-Prep age) with a maximum group size of 20.
  • The Possums (15months-3 years) with a maximum group size of 14.

The Wallabies Kindy group has a Kindergarten Teacher and a Group Leader or Assistant each day.

The Possums Group has a Group Leader and 2 Assistants each day. Another Assistant is present each day in a multi-tasking role, helping in the Possums’ room when needed and with staff breaks and also helping with cleaning the toys, equipment and the centre generally.

When a child joins either group, the child is assigned to the educator in his/her group – they are the child’s primary caregivers. Each day of the week, there is a slightly different combination of staff members as our staff job-share, but for each particular day, the combination remains the same. So for instance the same group of staff members work on Mondays (except for illness or holidays). The names of staff on duty each day are displayed in the rooms.

It is a policy of Busy Bees to employ qualified staff as required by the National Quality Framework. Group Leaders hold a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Child Care (or a higher qualification) and the Director holds an Advanced Diploma in Child Care. The Kindergarten Teacher holds the required teacher’s qualifications recognised by the Office of Early Childhood Education and Care to deliver a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program. All our Assistants hold at least a Certificate III in Childcare. Staff development is encouraged and staff regularly have the opportunity to attend workshops and conferences to assist them in updating their skills.